Fire protection junction boxes E30 – E90

We offer high-quality fire protection junction boxes made from plastics and metals. Our solutions are developed for demanding industrial use requiring durability. The product range comprises junction boxes made of plastic and metal, especially manufactured for fire resistant cable systems. We also produce our own high temperature-resistant ceramic terminals.

Benefits of using our solution

Save time - ease of installation

Save time – ease of installation

  • Everything factory-mounted
  • Terminal rail, easy to mount/dismount
  • Quick-release cover screws

High temperature-resistant ceramic terminals

  • The conductive terminal body is made of a special alloy with a very high melting point
  • Ensto terminals
Enstio tapping blocks

Tapping blocks

  • Ceramic 1-pole tapping terminals
  • Large tapping capacity – 4 conductor spaces
  • Easy to expand later on – tapping places may be left as a reserve for later use
Compact size junction boxes

Compact size

  • Takes less space at the installation site
  • Stylish solution for a wide range of applications

We have thought of every small detail – for efficient installations


With Ensto Vulcano: everything factory-mounted


With other suppliers: DIY